I’m a print artist who loves combining a variety of printmaking techniques in my work, and the pieces can include etching, screen print, monoprint, collograph and shellac plates as well as collage. I’m inspired by organic forms from nature and from the built environment, and the impact of the passage of time on each. With a background in architecture and urban planning, I’m fascinated with urban structures and patterns and their confluence with the natural world. My work often incorporates imagery from “found” objects collected while walking or hiking (such as orange plastic construction barrier fencing), which I use to explore our collective human connectivity and sense of place.

I am fortunate to live near Pratt Fine Arts Center, in Seattle, which provides me access to an excellent print studio and an amazing community of talented artists. Like many of the artists who work out of Pratt, I regularly donate an art piece to the annual Pratt Auction, and in 2014 received the Director’s Choice Award.